Welcome to the page for where I currently stand on multiple issues that matter to people.  

The hot issues of today may not be the hot issues that a President has to deal with in office.  However, people want to know where a candidate stands on specific issues.  I intend to document my positions on todays hot issues, as well as obscure issues.

Most candidates do not even put their issues stance on their websites because it could turn away donors.  I know that you will never agree with everything any candidate states - but why not be honest with where I do stand?

The intent is to keep adding to these pages, and the FAQ as time goes on.  Should I change my position on anything due to new information, since we should always keep learning, I will record why I changed my mind - rather than simply running from it like some others I know.

Note these will be added to as we are able - not necessary in the order of importance.

Current pages: