Frequently Asked Questions

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How are you going to raise the funds?

Traditionally, you need many millions of dollars in order to make a dent in the vote. Most of that is spent on costly TV, Radio, Newspaper, direct mailers, and online ads. While all of these are still important in the general election, the primaries are different. By working more in being available directly to the people, social media, and other types of events the cost to run an efficient campaign is much less. It also makes a difference depending on what group of voters you are going for, which brings us to

How are you going to get Republicans to vote for you?

People asking this are usually talking about the Republican base - the MAGA Trump supporters, etc. I see what has been happening over many years as people leave the Republican party and move to independent or non-partisan registrations and people become increasingly frustrated with their leadership. The disenfranchised voters that left the party, those still registered but do not vote in the primaries because they don't see the point, those from all parties in open primary states, and anyone who wants to join up to make a difference and help with reforms in the Republican party to make it once again the inclusive party of the people again. All of those individuals and the few that will leave their current chosen candidate - those are the voters I am looking at, as well as new voters. I believe there are far more in these categories than any of the other Republicans have supporting them. That is what we need to change the game, and change this country for the better.