Should Jenni Run?

As the site expands, I do need help to make this into a full campaign, to change things for the better, and to show the world we can support a leader that is from the people.

Right now, there are a few things that you can do:

Should a trans woman be on the presidential ballot in 2024?

There is a headline you might not have thought could happen. Neither did I, but here we are.

Hi! I am Jennifer Hannon who until recently always went by Jeremy Hannon - since I was two at least. I have been a life long Republican, registering to vote when I was 18 and keeping a close eye on politics before that.  I was raised to respect everyone, and to have a deep admiration for my cousin President Abraham Lincoln. In his journey he learned to overcome any bias he had been taught to move this nation closer to that promise of all being born equal.

In my journey I have watched and thought I would jump into the presidential race if ever there was a time that it was necessary.  I did this one time in 2012 as a protest.  I feel this is the time that we need someone from the common people to lead, not the same politics what continue to get more hurtful every year.

What I didn't expect to find out was that not only was I born intersex (in my case born with ambiguous genitalia), but I wasn't told about it until after my son was born.  The short version is that I now know who I am, but this comes at a time where people are once again under attack for being themselves. (Watch my video about "Tim" for more!) There is so much hatred and I see the fear in the community.  I did not have a choice about what the doctors did to me as an infant and child, but I have a choice to fight back against the evils of hatred being used to manipulate people.

The question is, should I take that step and actually enter the race?  I am going to need a lot of support to turn that possibility into a reality.

Please, tell me that you do want me to run and make it to those debates against the Republican leadership. Please tell me that you do want me to take the cause of the American People into this election cycle and let everyone's voices be heard loud and clear across this nation.  Please stand with me.

Watch this site for more about the present and our future. For now, there are a few things that you can do: